Speak Out! is our biannual journal, proudly exhibiting reviews and articles on pronunciation and listening by teachers and researchers.

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  • Speak Out 56 is now out! List of contents available here.

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  • You can consult the index and take a peek at bits of back issues here.

    Contributing to Speak Out

    We are always on the lookout for contributions to Speak Out! , so if you are interested in contributing an article or pronunciation teaching activity, please get in touch with the Editor at the following email address:

    Editor: Laura Patsko speakout@iatefl.org

    This includes any reviews you might wish to submit of suitable publications! 

    We look forward to receiving your input.

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      Issues 39 to 50 of Speak Out! are available here for inspection. Only the first page of each of the main articles in each issue is available through these pdfs. If you are not a member of the PronSIG but would like to have the complete pdf for any of these numbers, you should contact Eleanor Broadbridge, the IATEFL SIGs Administrator, at <eleanor@iatefl.org> indicating which issue(s). The current cost per issue is £5, which does not include a nominal charge for postage and packing.

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