PronSIG has been at the forefront of the practice & theory of pronunciation teaching for more than 20 years. We give teachers the opportunity to: exchange ideas about methodology and materials; discuss theoretical matters and, work on the interdependence of pronunciation and other areas of language learning.

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Speak Out! is our biannual journal, proudly exhibiting reviews and articles on pronunciation and listening by teachers and researchers.

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It is free for members. Non-members can take a look at recent contents below from back issues. Contact Eleanor Baynman at Head Office to buy full issues (£5 each + p&p).

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How can I contribute?

We are always on the lookout for contributions to Speak Out!, so if you are interested in contributing an article or pronunciation teaching activity, please get in touch with the Editor. This includes any reviews you might wish to submit of suitable publications. We look forward to receiving your input.

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Catarina Pontes

PronSIG Coordinator

Catarina Pontes is a senior consultant for Troika. She is an ICELT main course tutor, and Cambridge Assessment English Team Leader . A DELTA holder, and currently doing her MA with NILE, she is also a conference speaker and has published articles on ELT and EFL. She is the co-author of "Getting into Teacher Education - a Handbook", and past president of the Braz-TESOL São Paulo Chapter.

Gemma Archer

Speak Out! Editor

I’m a pre-sessional coordinator and teacher of Academic English and pronunciation electives at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.  I have a CELTA, Dip TESOL and a Master’s of Research in English Language and Linguistics and have taught English in the UK, Ireland, Italy and the Middle East. 

Piers Messum


I'm a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer, inspired by my contact with Caleb Gattegno’s Silent Way. I wrote a PhD thesis on the child development of L1 pronunciation, which also informs my teaching. I work through Pronunciation Science Ltd.

Beata Walesiak

Social Media Coordinator

I am a teacher and teacher trainer specialising in pronunciation and technology-supported teaching. I have taught in academia in Poland and Scotland, and work through I have presented at conferences, fan conventions and teacher-training events in Poland, Russia and the UK.

Alex Selman


I'm a teacher, trainer and curriculum designer based in Yokohama, Japan. My interests are interactive prosody, sociocultural theory, and digital material design.

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