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The PronSIG Committee

Adam Scott
PronSIG Joint Coordinator

I’m a teacher educator, teacher-researcher and materials writer passionate about inclusive, quality, evidence-based practice. Pronunciation and phonology are core specialisms (alongside reflective teacher development, EdTech, LGBTQI+ inclusion, beginners, YLs, and adult literacy) nurtured through Delta, classroom research, current MA TESOL and co-founding TDSiG-Local ‘DIY-CPD’ initiative: Brighton Language Teachers.

Gemma Archer
PronSIG Joint Coordinator & Speak Out! Journal Editor

I’m a programme coordinator and teacher of Academic English and pronunciation electives at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.  I have a CELTA, Dip TESOL and a Master’s of Research in English Language and Linguistics and have taught English in the UK, Ireland, Italy and the Middle East. My main research interests lie in the use of diverse Englishes in the classroom, particularly regional L1 and global L2 varieties.

Beata Walesiak
Webmaster, Social Media Coordinator
& Content Creator

I’m a teacher, teacher trainer and researcher specialising in pronunciation and technology-supported teaching. I have taught in academia in Poland and Scotland, and work through I have presented at conferences, fan conventions and teacher-training events in Poland, Russia and the UK. I also set up this website and worked as webinar coordinator and social media coordinator for PronSIG.

Ivana Duckinoska-Mihajlovska 

I’m an English teacher and lecturer at the University of Skopje. I hold a BA in English Language and an MA in English Linguistics, both by the University of Skopje. I have been a teacher for 10 years, and I have worked with different methods from A1 to C2 level and prepared test takers for the Cambridge English exams and IELTS. My main interests are pronunciation, teacher and student well-being.

George Palomino 
Social Media Assistant

I’m a Dip TESOL and MSc TESOL qualified EAP Tutor. I help learners acquire the English language proficiency and academic skills necessary to become successful university students. Experienced in teaching across a range of contexts, via face to face and distance learning modes, in UK-based organizations as well as overseas. My areas of interest are concerned with the instruction of pronunciation, promotion of learner autonomy and technology enhanced learning.

Rachel Tsateri
Social Media Assistant

I’m a CELTA and DELTA qualified teacher and certified teacher trainer. I have taught students from about 20 L1 backgrounds, in both monolingual and multilingual classes in Greece, Malta, the UK, Croatia and Spain. My main area of interest is combining pronunciation and decoding practice, to help students improve their listening skills. I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with different approaches and creating my own materials, which I share on my blog.

Tarik Uzun
Joint Assistant Journal Editor

I work as a teacher, learning advisor, and the Independent Learning Center (ILC) coordinator at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Turkey. I also teach undergraduate level ELT pronunciation classes at TED University, Ankara. I hold a Ph.D. in foreign language teaching from Ankara University Department of Linguistics and my research interests include intelligibility, pronunciation teaching, and learner autonomy.

 Kristýna Červinková Poesová
Joint Assistant Journal Editor

I’m a teacher educator at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. I teach English phonetics and phonology courses in various teacher training programmes. My research interests include the effectiveness of pronunciation teaching and learning, intelligibility and accent attitudes. I attend and take part in conferences focussing on English native and non-native pronunciation.

Taylor Veigga
Joint Webinar Coordinator

I’m a Trinity CertTESOL tutor, teacher, teacher trainer and materials designer based in Rio. I hold a BA in Languages, a specialist degree in Media-Education, the CPE, and Delta. My main interests are pronunciation, English as a Lingua Franca and language ideologies. I’ve also been a pedagogical coordinator for BrELT since 2015.

Victor Hugo Medina Soares 
Joint Webinar Coordinator

I’m a teacher educator and English language teacher in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I have an MA in Phonetics and Phonology and a BA in English Language and Literature, both from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. I also have the CELTA and the Train the Trainer certifications. I’m interested in popularising academic research on phonological acquisition in late bilinguals, intelligibility, and pronunciation instruction.

Ana Paula
Biazon Rocha
Joint Blogger

I’m an English language tutor and Assistant Director of Studies of the Part-time Evening Classes at the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) at the University of Sheffield, UK. I hold a BA in English language and Portuguese language by the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and an MA in Applied Linguistics with TESOL by the University of Sheffield. I have been teaching English for more than 16 years and my area of specialisation and research is English pronunciation and pronunciation pedagogy. I’m interested in helping English teachers improve and become more prepared and confident when teaching pronunciation to benefit learners.

Viktor Carrasquero
Joint Blogger

I’m a teacher, teacher trainer and Delta local tutor at British Council Hong Kong. I’ve done research in linguistics, particularly on the areas of variationist sociophonetics and second language acquisition. Pronunciation and its teaching are obsessions of mine, and I’m especially interested in 1) teaching priorities in a diverse, inclusive and ‘glocalised’ classroom, and 2) language variation and change.

The PronSIG Alumni include:

Jane Setter, Robin Walker, Jonathan Marks, Wayne Rimmer, Piers Messum, Alex Selman