Equality and inclusion in pronunciation teaching: providing global representation (4th October 2020), PronSIG Online Conference

Welcome to the IATEFL PronSIG Conference!

In the face of native-speakerism, accent prejudice and inequality, the act of pronunciation teaching can be a loaded issue creating debates and raising questions such as:

  • How can we teach pronunciation in a more inclusive way and create a classroom in which all accents are valued and treated with respect?
  • How can we promote equality and acceptance of diverse Englishes in a world where accent reduction and prestige, native-speaker model content abound?
  • How can we ensure that all of our students’ accents are equally represented as part of the global community of English speakers?

PronSIG Online Conference themes include:

  • attitudes to diverse accents in pronunciation teaching
  • encouraging acceptance of global Englishes in the classroom
  • creating pronunciation materials using diverse accents/ELF perspectives
  • overcoming accent or NNEST prejudice in the ELT world.

PronSIG Online Conference will feature talks by 18 experts in the pronunciation field.

Platinum badge by EVE!

IATEFL PronSIG’s October 2020 Conference has been awarded a PLATINUM badge by EVE for gender balance and L1/L2 speaker parity among our line-up of speakers!

Opening plenary: Public-facing awareness raising: insights, challenges, and rewards by Rob Drummond

Closing plenary: Owning your teacher identity in the age of global English pronunciation teaching by Sinem Sonsaat-Hegelheimer and Stephanie Link

Recordings of all sessions will be available to attendees (ticket holders) after the conference.

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Schedule and Programme

The online conference will take place on Zoom and to view the programme, please click below. Please note sessions may be subject to change:


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We look forward to you joining us online!